Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Converting Your Motorhome Lighting to SMD LEDs

If you do a lot of rallying or wild camping without electric hook-ups it is a essential you think about converting your halogen lighting to SMD (surface mounted device) LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

1 Where there is a push in bulb with two metal 'legs' these are called a G4 fitting

G4 fittings picture 1

G4 fittings picture 2

2 Where the bulb is included in a sealed reflector casing these are normally MR11, 35mm diameter or MR16, 50mm diameter fitting

MR11, 35mm diameter or MR16, 50mm diameter fitting

Main Colour Choices

  • Cool White 
  • Warm White 

Here's how I fitted mine

G4 fitting

G4 fitting picture 1

G4 fitting picture 2

G4 fitting picture 3

G4 fitting picture 4

G4 fitting picture 5

G4 fitting picture 6

MR16 fitting

MR16 fitting picture 1

MR16 fitting picture 2

MR16 fitting picture 3

MR16 fitting picture 4

MR16 fitting picture 5

I bought mine off eBay they are available from many sellers, The ones from China and Hong Kong are very cheap but they take a while to arrive.

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